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Welcome to PictureMailOrder

We provide a secure and convenient way for professional school photographers to sell their photographic products online.

More and more parents are discovering the convenience of buying online, however you must feel as confident buying from our system websites as you do through the school. You have to be sure that websites are legitimate, belong to a trustworthy business, and to know that your online communications and transactions are secure. We use PayPal as our merchant where you will be able to submit credit card numbers and/or other personal information to the system. You can also be confident that the information that you are sending cannot be intercepted or decrypted by anyone else. Enter your email address, username and password and click Submit. An email will be returned to you containing a personalised link to your images and a range of available photographic packages and exciting gifts. Simply select the required package(s) and proceed to our secure checkout. 

Product queries email:  Please remember to quote your card / image reference number and purchase order reference number. If you have any queries about your credit card transaction, please contact PayPal quoting your PayPal Transaction ID found on your ‘Receipt for Your Payment ’ email.

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